Welcome Friends!
Breanna "Weeble" O.
Birthdate - May 14, 2002

Main Diagnosis -  Medically Intractable Epilepsy

THEME: Butterflies and dragonflies / purple for epilepsy


Breanna was born a healthy happy baby on May 14, 2002. She was
immediately named Weeble for the was she weeble wobbled lol.  On her first
birthday she fell ill with strep b pneumococcal meningitis. She suffered a
stroke and seizures. She has spent the last almost 8 yrs tryng to help control
her seizures, she has had 2 VNS implants and was the first child in central
Florida to have brain mapping and surgery at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando
Florida where the removed "hot spots" in her brain. She is almost 9 but has the
ind of a 2-3 yr old. She is doing very well since the surgery but she is still
and always will have seizures.

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