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Kirin  B.  ^i^
Birthdate - June 16, 2010

Main Diagnosis - Neuroblastoma

THEME: Family Pets

Thanks..Kirin is going to love the fish and dogs...I will take it to him tomorrow .  I can't wait to share it with Kirin..I will get pics for you when he feels better.
Mom's Thank You

  Kirin was born on Sept 23, 2008. He was born a day before his due
date and full of life. Kirin attended a daycare where his grandma worked and was
a very busy infant always figuring out a way to move, often rolling across the
floor before he could crawl. He was always healthy and had no sickness in his
first 1 1/2 years of life.
On the Friday June 11, 2008 Kirin woke up with a small lump on his neck. We
noticed the lump and went on our day. On Saturday, the very next day, Kirin woke
up from nap and the lump had grown. After calling the doctor we were told
without a fever Kirin could wait to be seen on Monday at the office. On Monday
June 14 Kirin went to his appointment, after a quick look the doctor walked out
of the office and return very quickly with a second doctor. I was told that
Kirin was being sent straight to the hospital for further testing, but the
doctor would not say why. The drive to the hospital was the longest 20 minute
drive I have ever driven. Once we arrived we were taken right to the wing, I
stopped when I read the sign above the door, Children's Cancer Wing. No one said
we were going to the cancer wing till I arrived. The volunteer walked me into
the wing and it seemed that my heart stopped. Within minutes doctors examined
Kirin and blood was drawn, more tests were ordered and a
CT scan. Within an hour we knew for sure it was cancer. Later on the CT scan a
large mass was found attached to Kirin's liver, this would explain his limp he
had. Kirin’s blood pressure was extremely high from the pressure of the tumor.
On June 16 Kirin had the tumor on his neck removed and biopsied, the results
came back stage 4 Neuroblastoma, never heard of this before June 16 but now it
is a word I know well.
Kirin started his treatments that week. He endured a round of chemo and several
transfusions of blood and platelet. Kirin has continued to receive many more
rounds of chemo and has had a stem cell harvest in Cleveland Ohio. He will have
surgery soon to remove some of the mass on his liver and a stem cell transplant.
Our second part of treatment includes many rounds of radiation. Although the
doctors have given us grim numbers on curing Kirin’s cancer we are staying
positive. I have said before Kirin is not a statistic he is our child and we
will be positive knowing this is the best medicine for Kirin.